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Looking for a trusted PPC Management Company in Dubai? If yes, then your search is over! GLMA Agency is the ideal solution for Pay per Click Services in Dubai. We are a full-service agency and use the most effective PPC methods that earn us 100% client satisfaction. Give us a call at +971 50 235 9358 and get a free quote on our PPC services Dubai.


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What is Pay Per Click Service?

Pay per Click or PPC service is an advertising process that allows exposure of your brand/service on the top tier of search engines. When an internet user searches for a product or service that is similar to yours on Google, Bing, or other search platforms - a customized ad of your business appears next to search results in sponsored links. However, you only pay for the advertisement when the user clicks on the link. PPC service is a valuable marketing tactic as it targets prospects based on their buyer persona, demographic, and search history. Our team of PPC experts in Dubai monitors and manages the campaign efficiently to ensure the client’s budget and time is not compromised. Take a look at our successful PPC campaigns from our portfolio by clicking here.

Our Pay Per Click services

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Google Ads

Google is the leading search engine and using its ad offerings can be a great way to funnel traffic to your website. Our experts in Google AdWords Dubai carefully identify the keywords for your business and create compelling ads that give you a better chance of gaining brand visibility.
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Bing Ads

Bing Ads is an advertising platform used to serve ads on both – Yahoo and Bing. Although, both these search engines are comparatively less popular than Google, using the right AdWords management campaign for Bing Ads can be very successful for many industries.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the cornerstone of every social media marketing campaign we initiate at GLMA Agency. Because of its elaborated targeting options and a huge network – PPC service through Facebook is an ideal option to enhance engagement, increase followers, and build loyalty.
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Instagram Ads

The image-based social network has a high number of engaged users and is one of the most valuable platforms for advertisers to target prospects and convert them into customers.
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YouTube Ads

The world’s second largest search engine provides a robust targeting option to reach the right customer at the right time. Our capable team assists you in creating videos advertisements that will enhance your brand’s online presence significantly.
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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the most suitable option for businesses that are looking to target professionals in a specific industry with a higher value.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is the most efficient and cost-effective platform to advertise on. The social media marketing strategy for Twitter includes targeting potential customers based on their interest, the businesses they follow, and the hashtags they use.
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Google Remarketing

The Google Remarketing advertising campaign includes targeting prospects to your website either when they have directly interacted with a client’s website or have searched a relevant keyword that is associated with the brand.

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In the initial meeting with the client, our AdWords specialist tries to learn about your business and requirements from the online campaign. Once the information gathering process is completed, the team conducts a thorough research to identify keywords relevant to your brand and analyze your competition in the industry.
Our search engine ad creation strategy includes writing compelling copies using brand-specific keywords and imagery related to the product/service you are offering.
Our team keeps a close eye on the ad campaign to see how they are performing. If results are not up to the expectations, our team makes amendments instantly to keep the campaign on track.
Our work is always transparent and we share monthly reports with our clients for review. To learn more about our PPC Agency Dubai, connect with us on social media.
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