BioPharma is one of the foremost pharmaceutical companies of international quality pharmaceutical products in the UAE and MENA region. The company has two divisions, BioPharma Medical Store that distributes world-class medicines sourced from manufacturers around the globe and BioPharma SA Scientific that manufactures its own range of pharmaceutical products. Other than developing a sophisticated website, GLMA Agency, the leading Web Development Agency in Dubai has also designed pharmaceutical packaging materials for BioPharma.

Industry-specific web design and development services

Websites of companies belonging to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are very different from other industries. There are specific design protocols that need to be in place while developing these websites. GLMA Agency used its years of experience in web design and development and created a neat and informative website. We have adequately represented both the companies on a single website and used the right theme and colours that highlight the client’s products.

Medicine Boxes DESIGN


Product packaging design

GLMA Agency has also designed packaging materials including medicine boxes, labels, foil packaging and stickers for BioPharma’s products. We carefully studied the features of each medicine, the illness it cures and the target age of its consumers and developed unique designs for each pharmaceutical product. The right packaging design can have a lasting impression on the consumer. GLMA Agency can also undertake packaging design projects for restaurants, retailers and FMCG brands.

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