Al Dar Al Malaki

Al Dar Al Malaki is an Arabic restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Emirati food and is a favourite among locals and expats alike. From delicious kebab platters to authentic dishes like Laham Solana and Arsiya with chicken, the food at Al Dar Al Malaki is truly mouth-watering. The client wanted GLMA Agency to completely take over the marketing of the brand, create a new brand image and generate unprecedented sales. We were able to do all this and more.


GLMA Agency conducted a complete rebranding project for this client by developing an outstanding website, creating standard templates and patterns for brand communication, menu redesign and graphic designing of a new logo along with online and in-store promotional materials. With our expertise of using the right colours, content and advertising, the client benefited from a new and improved brand image that was more marketable and appealing to potential customers.

Visual content creation

As it is true for any restaurant, a customer first eats with his eyes and then with his mouth. To entice customers to try the restaurant, our creative team of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and social media specialists created remarkable photos, graphics and videos to be used across the website, restaurant menu and social media platforms. We portrayed the food in a beautiful manner that would tempt the viewer to come and try it.


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